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Answers to common questions we receive about our nonprofit organization from curious critters like you!

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  • What is The Autism Nation?
    The Autism Nation is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Charitable Organization focused on giving back to the special needs commmunity and spreading love to families playing the game of life on hard mode. We support, advocate for, and earn the trust of the autistic community by giving back through free events, research, sponsorship, and financial transparency.
  • Who is The Autism Nation?
    We’re not your normal old-school non-profit. Our staff is almost 100% volunteer based through the support of the local special needs business community. We have a few people on staff to handle our office affairs but we meet with organizers to plan events, develop content, and to receive community feedback.
  • How do I sponsor an event?
    You can click on those big orange SPONSOR buttons on the website and let us know that you have an interest in helping us with an event. We'll review your submission and if we determine that we're a solid fit you'll hear back from us! (within a few days usually, we're humans after all). We're interested in your ideas as well, we have our own events in mind but maybe you would like some help brainstorming an event. We're all about collaboration.
  • When was The Autism Nation established?
    The Autsim Nation started as an idea for maximum effort in giving back during the Summer of 2020. We see so many charitable organizations that employ great folks but at a great cost to the effort. So, in turn, to trim the fat we believe the effort involved in giving back is worth giving as well. For this reason we seek out relationships with incredibly talented and hardworking volunteers to staff, plan, design, organize, and execute our love-centered special needs community events.
  • What does #BeThePiece mean?
    We're a faith-based organization with special needs family members, so everything we do starts from that place. Special needs families lead different lifestyles and often we are confronted with the "norms" in society and culture. Managing all of these pieces to this puzzle of a life is the picture we're trying to draw. We want you to know that you don't have to build your puzzle alone, in fact, that tends to be the best part about buillding puzzles, you can build them with other people. When we say you can #BeThePiece we mean a few things, you can probably come up with a few of your own. 1) As a donor, sponsor, or volunteer we want you have the honor of giving someone a piece of their puzzle back. We're all leading complex lives and finding these puzzle pieces can help us make sense and find hope in an often challenging routine. You can give your time, effort, or make a donation. 2) Piece is a homonym, a word that sounds like another word... Peace. Give someone a little peace of body and mind by giving them room to breathe-easy and calm their thoughts because you're here to help them how you can.
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