The Autism Nation is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit (NPO) organization that supports, advocates for, and earns the trust of the autistic community by giving back through research, sponsorship, and financial transparency.

The funds we raise are dedicated almost exclusively to fund events directly for special needs children ONLY. Our staff is almost 100% volunteer based through the support of the local special needs business community.


Check out our past events below! Our partners and event sponsors are the reason we're able to do the amazing things we do for special needs families.


Quick Quack has an amazing social media team that killed it with these pictures and videos.

We partnered with Quick Quack Car Wash to raise funds for a local family whose house burned down on Christmas Eve.

Snowy Mountains

Take a look at these incredible pictures and videos from Santa's Station.

Our cast of colorful holiday characters made the season shine a little brighter for families that ventured to our headquarters event.

Check out all of these great pictures and videos from FoTS 2020! 

Thanks so much for coming out to our first ever FREE Fall event for special needs families!


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