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Who we are...

We're raising Awareness, Acceptance and making Amazing Memories with families!

That’s our mission here at The Autism Nation, and it’s at the heart of what we do. Founded by families with special needs for families with special needs. Our volunteer-based staff hosts truly magical, family-friendly events that are safe, welcoming, fun; and most of all, memory-making for everyone touched by special needs. Because in the end, what’s more important than that?

How is our non-profit different?

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of non-profits who have come before us, autism is more widely recognized and researched than ever before.  But there’s more that can be done when it comes to a feeling of true acceptance and social inclusivity.  We recognized the need for events where all families can feel safe and supported, so they can make memories and have FUN together too... that’s how The Autism Nation, was born!

With the help of our big-hearted sponsors, we are able to create welcoming spaces where  magical family memories can be made.  Our events are a “judge-free zone” and open to everyone.  Whether you have special needs or love someone with special needs we want everyone to feel seen, included, and accepted.  Everyone deserves to have fun!

Our Past Magic

Check out the events below to see why we do what we do… it’s all for these smiling happy families.


This is where it all started!

Our first ever Fall event for special needs families! We had games, prizes, dinosaurs, superheroes, a hot air balloon, you name it...

Quick Quack Giving Back.jpg
Quick Quack Car Wash Giving Back

We partnered with Quick Quack Car Wash to raise funds for a local special needs family who lost their home on Christmas Eve.


Our cast of colorful holiday characters made the season shine a little brighter for families.


Thanks for coming out to Chaparral Park for a day of classic picnic fun and an EPIC water balloon battle!


We had an incredible time at Funtasticks Family Fun Park in Tucson over Easter Weekend!


One of our therapists helped to coordinate an event for special needs families to spend some time with a horse!


$25 TATTOOS for World Autism Awareness Day! This incredible promotion raised awareness and much needed acceptance for those on the Autism Spectrum journey.

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